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Legumes is important in Sino US agricultural trade
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At 14:02 on March 27, 2013 Liu Xu

The industry believes that China's future agricultural imports from the United States ( market share it trading point ) space will continue to grow , import growth will greatly exceed export growth . Meanwhile, in order to meet the domestic market demand, domestic soy processing enterprises hope to cooperate with U.S. companies in the process of communication to enhance their own beans ( market area ) R & D level .

"China's agricultural imports from the United States a lot of space , most of the industry believes that China's agricultural imports will continue to grow , import growth will greatly exceed the growth rate of exports ." China CFNA Rong Weidong , vice president of North Dakota in the United States "Health food ingredients " seminar at the show , said the two countries in agricultural trade is an important partner , especially in soybeans, soybean oil and other commodities sector is closely linked .

With the continuous improvement of living standards , domestic consumers pay more attention to food safety concerns nutritionally balanced , and therefore form a huge market opportunity. The United States as China 's largest source of imports of agricultural products , U.S. agricultural exporters have seen this opportunity came to explore business opportunities in the Chinese market . Meanwhile , the domestic processing enterprises grains and beans also see an opportunity, I hope business cooperation and exchanges with the U.S. in the process improve their R & D level beans .

Exporters actively expanding Chinese market

Reporters learned from the China CFNA by 14 from the U.S. company North Dakota trade delegation consisting recent visit to China . During the visit , the delegation will be in Beijing and Guangzhou, China's largest food processing and production company talks to the Chinese company presentations North Dakota high-quality agricultural and food products.

Rong Weidong said that the current level of income along with the improvement of our country , soybeans , corn, wheat and other commodities imported scale growth. As foreign agricultural economy of scale and have the advantage of lower cost , coupled with our continuing policy of stimulating domestic demand and consumer upgrades and other factors , China's imports of agricultural products consumer market potential for further development . " China's import growth is expected in 2013 will be 15% to 20 % of the range running , U.S. agricultural exporters which will provide a very good business opportunity ." Rong Weidong said.

According to the Chamber of Commerce of food introduction, the exhibition organized by the North Dakota Trade Office , North Dakota Department of Agriculture and the Northern Crops Research Institute jointly organized China Guangdong Southern Cold Chain Logistics Development Promotion Center , China and the United States CFNA Office of the Ministry of Agriculture in China co . Meanwhile , during the show will feature for the Chinese consumer's diet a series of seminars , focusing on North Dakota, the nutritional value of crops and its different effects.

North Dakota Agriculture Minister Ge Doug said that China 's growing middle class and its impact on the demand for high quality food just reflect on the North Dakota agricultural products growing market demand.

From the United States International company mainly engaged in legume legumes raw materials and processed products , its distribution staff told reporters that his company did not export to China in the past , this is the first time to bring products to the Chinese market promotion, " China is a huge consumer market attracting the reason we came here . "

U.S. Special commodities Chinese agents Lin told reporters that they feel the agency of the U.S. company is the extraordinary potential of the Chinese market to China. "Now the domestic consumers are very conscious about food safety and nutrition, which for U.S. agricultural products to enter the Chinese market provides a good platform ." Schilling said.

Legumes should speed up research and development

It is reported that , "North Dakota excellent food ingredients exhibition seminar" will deep food manufacturers to the Chinese market introduction in North Dakota , high-quality food ingredients, from the north cereal crops Research Institute experts at the seminar to Chinese buyers, Research and development professionals, and professional food manufacturers to do a series of lectures introduction.

Reporter in an interview that , our research and development in legumes is still a certain gap with the United States , the exhibition of Chinese enterprises to participate in addition to U.S. exporters to discuss the import business, but also want to communicate with the American Enterprise R & D experience Beans to understand the progress of the United States consumer Product beans .

Benefits of Kerry Group Division Director Jiang Zhiyi grains in an interview with reporters said that as the U.S. soy consumption is high, and species diversity, so the United States in the use of raw materials for food grains and beans than China's advanced research and development , while China 's consumption of grains and beans is still in its infancy, the future of China 's imports of grains and beans will continue increasing. "Now the country 's rising living standards , consumer demand for imported grains and beans in the price is acceptable ." Jiang Zhiyi told reporters , focusing on agricultural imports nutritional concept of publicity , it is easier for the domestic consumer acceptance , and with the Chinese Agriculture costs continue to increase, but also need to import agricultural products to supplement the domestic market.

Reporters saw at the show at the seminar , exhibition suppliers from the United States according to Chinese consumers' eating habits introduced whole grain noodles.

Jiang Zhiyi says his business is also actively promoting small package of grains in the market, accelerate the development of whole grain foods , " the domestic food market grains and beans from scratch, to a certain size , it will take some time for development , but development of this market are very optimistic about our prospects . "

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